As I finish up my editing work on the next issue of The Brooklyn Rail, I want to take a minute to celebrate the most recent issue, June 2017, full of interviews and reviews with poets, fiction writers, and essayists, many of them debut authors. Lisa Ko talks with Nicole Treska about Ko’s debut novel THE LEAVERS. Gabino Iglesias reviews Morgan Parker’s newest collection of poems THERE ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THINGS THAN BEYONCE. Melissa Febos talks with Ryan Berg about her newest collection of essays, ABANDON ME, which Berg calls a “fiercely intelligent and remarkably intimate investigation of love and obsession, trauma and resiliency.” Our regular fiction critic John Domini reviews Lance Olsen‘s DREAMLIVES OF DEBRIS and Barbara Browning‘s THE GIFT. Mr. Domini also offers us an extended literary essay on the setting of New York City in three novels by Don DeLillo: GREAT JONES STREET, UNDERWORLD, and COSMOPOLIS. David Varno reviews Emmanuel Carrère‘s THE KINGDOM. Kristy Eldredge‘s talks with fiction writer Stacey Levine about her work and her recent collection THE GIRL WITH BROWN FUR: TALES & STORIES. Poet Mai Der Vang talks with Alex Dueben about her first book of poetry, AFTERLAND, just released by Graywolf Press. Joseph Scapellato discusses his debut story collection, BIG LONESOME, with James Tadd Adcox. Yvonne C. Garrett covers new books by women in rock: Kristin Hersh’s RATGIRL, Kim Gordon’s GIRL IN A BAND, and Carrie Brownstein’s HUNGER MAKES ME A MODERN GIRL. Ms. Garrett also covers Chris Offutt‘s memoir MY FATHER THE PORNOGRAPHER and Monica Drake‘s debut story collection THE FOLLY OF LOVING LIFE. Matt Grant reviews Taylor Larsen‘s debut novel STRANGER, FATHER, BELOVED. And J. T. Price gives us one of the best interviews (in my opinion) with author Paul Auster I’ve read in a while. Auster discusses his newest novel, 4 3 2 1, and so much more. Mr. Price also offers us an extensive consideration of Amy Hungerford‘s newest book of literary criticism MAKING LITERATURE NOW.

Many thanks to all of my amazing writers.

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